What are the best vegan meat substitutes?


See below for some of my all time favorite vegan meat substitutes! I try to eat soy free as much as possible so you will see most of my suggestions are made with proteins other than soy. However, I will list some soy options as these tend to be more cost effective and taste just as good! My go to’s:

  • Beyond Meat Burgers: These can be found at Whole Foods nationwide, Ralph’s/Kroger Grocery Stores, and on Amazon Fresh (in the link). These are AMAZING as burgers, but I also use them for a ground beef substitute!
  • The Herbivorous Butcher: They are based in the midwest, but they have a large array of vegan meats. My favorite products they have are the vegan pastrami, and the vegan bacon slices!
  • Beyond Meat Sausage Links: These are the all time most amazing vegan sausage links EVER. Soy free, plant based, and they taste like the real thing whether they are grilled, slow cooked with peppers & onions, sauteed, fried, thrown in pasta- you name it! They are at Whole Foods nationwide, however you can also purchase through Amazon Fresh (in link).
  • Beyond Meat Crumbles: These are great as a ground meat substitute. Soy Free. I use these when making pasta dishes, tacos, or any other recipe when I need a quick ground beef option.
  • Gardein Ground Beef: This is another good meat substitute. Tastes great, but does have soy. This is a more inexpensive option, and is found in pretty much all grocery stores in the U.S. in the frozen section.
  • Gardein Vegan Meatballs: Even though these have soy, these are my favorite pre-made vegan meatballs out there! Great with a marinara, vegan gravy! Found in the frozen section of U.S. grocery stores.
  • Trader Joe’s Hi Protein Veggie Burger: I love this veggie burger! For 2 reasons: 1) there is 26 grams of soy-free protein in each patty and 2) it is a great substitute for grilled chicken burgers! I use this in all my old non-vegan recipes whenever it called for a grilled chicken patty.
  • Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips: These are great grilled chicken strips. They do have soy protein, but works great in all recipes that call for grilled chicken. Found in the frozen section of most U.S. grocery stores.
  • Cena Vegan Pollo Asada and Carne Asada: By far, this is my winner for chicken substitutes. The pollo asada has so much flavor and such great texture you will never know it is not real chicken….I use it on nachos, burritos, tacos, cheese steaks and more!

I would love to hear from you! Please send me a message or comment on any meat substitutes you love!

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