Easy Vegan Banana Cream Pie

vegan banana cream pie


  1. Any vegan store bought pie crust or homemade recipe here: Vegan Graham Cracker Pie Crust*
  2. 4 bananas sliced
  3. 1 9oz container of So Delicous CocoWhip or any other vegan "cool whip"


  1. Once crust is prepared, place sliced bananas in the bottom of the crust in 1 layer, and then once bottom of shell is covered place remaining slices on top of the 1st layer.
  2. Place cocowhip on top of the banana layer and smooth out so the top of the pie is smooth and silky. Place in freezer until ready to eat so the cocowhip can firm up. Place in refrigerate for 30 minutes to thaw out a bit until ready to eat.

Easy 2 step banana cream pie, the simplest recipe out there!

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